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NPoS version 5 for NCR DynaKey is the latest release of our market leading Retail software. This application is SOLELY designed to run on the NCR DynaKey hardware.

algPoS - NPoS supports the following tenders
> Cash
> Cheque (not printed)
> *Credit card (Manual or Intergrated support)
> Gift voucher (vouchers can be issued by The PoS Terminal)
> Gift Cards (local and online database support avalible)

*Intergrated Card processing are powered by Payment Sence PS Connect

Version 5 Now has incressed PoS description width giving you now 30 chrs for the PoS Description instead of the limiting 20 chrs that most systems use. This is ideal now as you can use better descriptions for your item and that helps customers understand your recipit better
NPoS for Windows Supports the following Hardware

OPoS Barcode Reader (in version 5 and above we will be supporting Intergrated Scales)
OPoS Customer Display (Also support Graphical Customer Displays)
OPoS Cash Drawer
OPOS Magnetic Swipe Card Reader
OPoS PoS Receipt Printer

We are Always adding new Hardware support to NPoS

New in Version 5 is the quick sell screen. This is used mainly for your 7 most fasted moving items
Below are some screen shots of the application but please note the screen layout etc MAY change
as the application is STILL being improved and updated when needed.
Minimum hardware Requirements

NCR 7457 Base unit with at LEAST 1GHz CPU
32GB SSD (or 40GB Hard drive or Bigger)
Windows PoSReady 2009 Or PoSReady 7
NCR DynaKey Re Programmed to the algPoS Standard
2 x 20 Line NCR Customer Display
NCR Barcode Reader (hand held or Flat bed)

Once a user has sign in to the PoS they will see the Sale screen. This is the main screen where they can access all the functions of the PoS terminal.
NPoS is currently a ONLINE system only. This means you must have your database server running and accessable
on the network AT ALL TIMES. If you loose your database server then YOU WILL LOOSE Your PoS Terminals

We are working on a dual Online / Offline system but this is still being developed
Tel : (01604) 289 431