COVID-19 update
As we are now in another national lockdown algPoS has decided to close our phone lines and office for now. We
do not feel it would be safe to ask our staff or contractors to go to sites while we are under lockdown. Once the national
lockdown has been lifted we will once again resume installations and sales of our EPoS systems.
We are still able to access our emails for Support and any enquires you may have.
Our philosophy is that every retailer from the independent, to the multi-national should have an EPoS solution that fulfils their business requirements.

Being based in Northmapton the heart of England, algPoS are perfectly positioned to meet the needs of your business. Get in touch we are happy to send you information on all our applications and if you want we are happy to arange a onsite demo.
Apart from our fanatical approach to supporting our growing client base, we invest a significant amount of our time in developing, and benchmarking our products & services against industry standards.

we aim to provide the very best service possible.

No Matter if you have 1 till or 100 tills our EPoS systems will handle the demand and then some.

With adance features like intergrated card processing, intergrated gift cards we offer more features in our standard EPoS Software for one price then most other providers offer on thier advance or premuim services.

We do not charge any monthy fees for using our software. The only fees you would pay would be for the add on services that we use 3rd partys for.
It can be difficult as an independent retailer, times are hard, the economy is in a downward dip. Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel, our software offers statistical analysis which can make the difference - you can analyse your customers buying habits, you can start to predict trends and footfall.

If you want more information then please do not hesitate to contact us.
What makes algPoS stand out from the other EPoS Systems providers is we fully understand our systems as they are written and maintained in house.
Our software is written in the latest version of the .net framework (3.5). Our Software is simple to use but powerful enough to run your business for years to come

We also believe in the saying "your EPoS should help your business not hinder it"
Why choose algPoS?
Inceasing footfall in a diffiult climate
What makes us stand out

Tel : (01604) 289 431
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© 2020 algPoS, Northampton